Doctor’s Letter to Patients




The general medical approach for acute low backache today, is to have the patient rest and use analgesic and muscle relaxing drugs. Hospital patient care includes therapy, heat, and traction. The patient is often told, by the medical physicians to “just go home, rest and apply heat.”


In my opinion, heat has its place, but it must be moist heat, and not applied for hours at a time. My usual statement to a patient is this, “Apply ice for the first two or three days, then take a hot shower or a tub bath” I have seen many, many cases come into my clinic, with burns on their backs from cooking themselves with heating pads.


Yes, rest is necessary, but not for extended periods of time. A day or two will usually suffice. Lie down or walk is the general rule. Do not walk, however, if walking is not comfortable. “How shall I lie, Doctor?” “Anyway you are comfortable,” is my answer. At this point, the body knows best. Generally sitting or standing in one position, are the two positions which aggravate this type backache the most. “So again, lie down or walk, but walk only if you are comfortable doing so.”


If progress is evident, I will see you every other day, and adjust as long as malposition is evident. In my clinic, on the average, spinal misalignment cases are seen three or more times the first week, and twice a week for three weeks thereafter. Then once a week for a month or two months.


I must caution you to avoid bending over forward, lifting or tugging, and to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time.


If you should have any problems, just call me at the office or at home.
Yours for better health,
John L. Pennington, D.C.